Online English Teacher


This is a Contract position in Online posted June 6, 2017.

Want to have a flexible job that you can do anywhere??? Well I have the perfect option for you!

I am an online tutor with Alo7 and would like to share the company with you, as they are hiring hundreds of online English tutors right now. I have been tutoring with them since we started online classes in June 2016 and have been very happy with the company and have had a great experience teaching with them.

Alo7 is a start up by a PhD Graduate from MIT Media Lab. Its’ digital curriculum is used by over 5,000 schools in over 200 cities in China.

*Earn $15-$22 USD per hour *Must be a native English speaker from US, Canada, UK & Australia (born and grew up in these countries) *Must be enrolled in 4-year degree program or have Bachelor’s or Higher Degree *If not, must have an Associate’s Degree & TESOL/EST Certificate *Most classes are 1:3+ based for Chinese Children ages 5 – 15 *Students study in the classroom with our curriculum and they review the same material with our native tutors at night. *Peak tutoring times are Monday – Sunday 6-9 P.M. China Time *6 hour per week commitment under our long-term 6-12 month programs (each week you will have the same students)


All in all, I really love tutoring with them. If you still have more questions after visiting our site, please send me a message or WeChat me at Jherman84.

Skills Required

  • Native English Speaker
  • Bachelors or Associates & TOEFL/EST Certificate
  • Working with kids


Salary: $15-$22 USD per hour

How to Apply


Application deadline: February 7, 2030